Discussion of Specific Experiments Past and Future on Quantum Measurement


I deeply regret the fact that I have not found time to write up my most recent thoughts on quantum measurement and the arrow of time in the proper careful manner that is called for. However, in late 2002 I did have some correspondence with the philosopher Huw Price about the issue. Here are copies (some partial) of what I sent him, trying to explain the ideas previously discussed with Shih and with Dowling (copied from archival email files):


October 15, 2002


October 16, 2002


October 17, 2002


November 22, 2002 (initial)


November 22, 2002 (follow-on)


November 26, 2002


January 15, 2003


Price did discuss this with his group, however, and they did do some very important follow-on work.

But considerably more follow-on is still called for.


Some additional high-risk but interesting ideas for further experimental follow up were published in a Russian

Journal at the request of the editor in 2005.


One of the earlier papers written for discussion with Shih from September 2001 covers similar ideas, though it refers heavily to some previous specialized discussions. Here “BTT” refers to “Backwards Time Telegraph,” and “BTQT” to “Backwards Time Quantum Teleportation.”